Mediterranean Sea Bream

This fish of the Mediterranean's unique taste has been consumed since ancient times. It is preferred due to its hard and white flesh. He prefers cooking in the grill…


Mediterranean Sea Bass

The choice of many fish enthusiasts despite being lean.. It fits in oven beautifully, it brings joy to dining tables when it is steam cooked, you can never have enough of it when it is salt-cooked.


Brown Meagre

A precious fish preferred for its plentiful meat and delicious taste… We breed them in the deep and cool waters of mediterranean and bring it to your plate.


Rainbow Trout

The essential one among fresh water fish… Being economic and having fewer bones makes it a frequent choice on the tables of all income groups…


Bluefin Tuna

It is a rich source of Omega 3 and protein. It can be consumed every season.


Salmon Trout

Salmon Trout origined from  North America is a member of the Salmonidae family and distributes in fresh and cool waters. Very rich in protein and Omega 3.


Olive Flounder

Olive flounder can be used for any cooking application but they are highly esteemed for use as sushi and best for sashimi.

Orhan Kılıç

29 years ago, in 1990, I established the first fish farm as a small enterprise in Salih Island. We were producing 30 tons of sea bream in this unsophisticated facility. I am a member of a fish traders family from Bodrum. Fishery was a field which I both liked the most and knew well.

Kilic Taste On Your Table

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