ISO 9001:2015 

With the international standard of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, it is aimed to increase the customer satisfaction through an efficient execution of the system including the constant improvement and the assurance given to the customer regarding the compliance to the current conditions.

ISO 14001:2005 

In order to increase the efficiency of our natural resources and grow sustainable products, the environmental effects of our business and the improvement of our environmental performance are measured with the pre-determined goals and constant monitoring with the Environmental Management System. All the monitoring activities are carried out in accordance to the legal requirements and ISO 14001 Standard.

ISO 22000:2005 

The importance given to the food chain has been emphasized by including the Food Safety Management System into the general management system activities of our Company. Any dangers possible to occur in the food chain are determined thanks to the generated prerequirement programs, hazard analyses and HACCP principles. Interactive communication methods are developed and relevant control measures are taken in order to offer safe marine products to the final consumer.


Being a comprehensive organization that emphasizes biodiversity, animal welfare, occupational safety, food safety and traceability, we are the bigges practitioner of GLOBALG.A.P. certification in Turkey with our 30 Cage Facilities, 6 Hatcheries, 2 Packaging and Processing Facilities and a Fish Feed Factory.

BRC (British Retail Consortium)

Founded by British Retail Consortium, BRC is a food safety and quality standard which brings a proactive approach to the food safety. Any problems possible to occur about food safety are eliminated. Our BRC compliance is evaluated annually by internationally recognized certification bodies.

IFS (International Featured Standards)

As a standard created by the joint efforts of German, French and Italian retailers, it examines the food safety and quality topics. Thanks to the IFS inspection we receive annually, we get a chance to understand the food safety level of our company and the aspects in which we can improve ourselves.


ASC support that environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Where aquaculture plays a major role in supplying food and social benefits for mankind whilst minimising negative impacts on the environment.

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